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How to place banner and text ads in traffic exchanges

By seelyclark

March 29, 2017

Hey folks, If you didn’t read my previous blog post about how to use traffic exchanges the right way, click HERE first and read that post and watch the videos. (Don’t worry, it will open in a new tab ) THEN come back and read the rest of this post.

Okay, so I assume that you have read what you needed to read on the last post, watched the videos and have some of your favorite traffic exchanges ready to rock. So now I am going to tell you how to place banner and text ads on these type of sites.

First thing to do is to go into the program that you are promoting and go to the affiliate area. It usually says “affiliate tools” or “promo tools”.

This is where you will find the banner links to use for advertising as well as your affiliate links. Here is an example picture below of what the “affiliate toolbox” section of your site may look like and where to find it.


Once you click on “Affiliate Toolbox” it will take you to the affiliate area where you usually have your raw affiliate link at the top, some email swipe copies, banner ads, text ads, and some short ad copy you can use. Here is an example below:


Scroll down in the affiliate area until you see the banners ,For this example, you will want the 468 x 60 banners which are this size and look like this:

Look at the picture below to see what a 468 x 60 banner will look like in your affiliate area:


Once you find your 468 x 60 banner, hover over it with your mouse, Right click your mouse on the 468 x 60 image itself and select “open image in new tab”. Which will open it in a new tab in your browser. You will need that for later. See the picture below to see how you do this.


Once you have clicked on “open image in new tab” Check the new tab that pops up in your browser and you should see something that looks like the picture below: 

Note that I enlarged the pic above so  you to know that, once you open the banner in a new tab, you can see the banner id url in your browser tab in the upper left. That banner url is what you will need to copy and paste later to the traffic exchange.

You also do this for your destination URL so that both are in separate windows on your browser and are easy to access. When you are doing this be sure not to have a boatload of other tabs open to avoid confusion.

For this you really only want your traffic exchange open and the site you are promoting open so you can get at the affiliate section of the website you are promoting and hop from there to the traffic exchange and back when placing your banners.

I recommend that you use a lead capture page link ( NOT a raw affiliate link) if they have one done for you. If they don’t you can create your own lead capture page or have one created for you on Fiverr or elsewhere. But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Outlining that process will take up a whole other post. It involves using your auto responder and copying code from there to give to your page designer…We will cover all that more in depth later…

So now that you have your banner image URL and your target URL (raw affiliate link or lead capture page link) up in new windows in your browser you can sign in to your traffic exchange. Click on the section that says “banners” or “banner ads”. It should look something like this-

Once you click on “banners” it will take you to the banner area of the traffic exchange. Scroll down until you see the area that has two blank data entry fields that are labelled “image” or “image URL” and “target” or “target URL” .

This is where you will be placing your banner ad using copying and pasting.

The image url is for the banner to display, and the target url is where people will be taken to when they click on your banner image. Here is a pic below to show what the banner data entry area will look like:


Go to the tab in your browser where the banner image is. To highlight the banner image url you left click your mouse, hold the left click down, drag the mouse cursor over the image url and this should turn it blue. Make sure all of the url is highlighted blue. Then right click your mouse and select “copy”. This two pics below show what it should look like to do this:


So now that you have copied your image url from your browser tab.

It is saved as a copy and you can go from there to the traffic exchange banner entry area without fear of losing it.

It’s safely stored until or unless you copy something different, you will now go back to the banner data entry area to paste it in.

Go to the banner setup area into that data entry box I pictured above. You will left click on your mouse, drag and highlight the “http://” then hit the “backspace” button on your keyboard to clear this area- it will now be blank.

Do this for both the boxes. Those need to be blank or when you paste your urls in there. Here are pics below of highlighting and clearing the boxes as I’ve described:


To paste your banner image in to the banner box you left click in the box that says “image” then right click and a menu will appear and you will scroll down and chose “paste” and click on this. Bam. It should be pasted. Here below is what this process should look like:

Now it is pasted in the box and it will look like it does in the image above.

See where you can see the last part of the url but not the first? ALWAYS scroll back using your arrow keys to make sure the entire image url is there and matches what you copied and pasted.

Do the exact same process for the “target” or “destination” url  in the other box.

Once you have both the image and target url in their proper boxes click the button to the direct right marked “add”. Look at the picture above this to see where the add button  is.


Now your banner should be saved and display in your banner area and look like this:

Some banners are active immediately after you post them and some are not depending on if the site owner needs to approve them prior to running them.

You can test for yourself to see if it is setup right by clicking on the banner image and it should open a new tab by itself and take you to your affiliate or lead capture page that is linked to the banner.

You may have seen that I went to the affiliate section of a traffic exchange to get the banners and target links then went to the SAME traffic exchange to show how to copy and paste the banner in and save it. That was me being a lazy ass and using the same exchange for all of the examples. PLEASE don’t do that. I don’t figure you would, but i just had to say it as fair warning.

Well that was one BIG ASS blog post folks. I will show how to add credits and impressions another time on a hopefully shorter blog post for you.

Like I said, I am no guru, I hope this all made sense and that you get value from and can do this on your own after reading this.

If something doesn’t make sense, or if I missed something, or you have any questions, get in touch with me on Skype at seelyc4 or via email at or on Facebook- I am the only Seely Clark that I know of on Facebook so I’m kinda easy to track down:)

Until we speak again, remember, Don’t Be Afraid, Live Free!

-Seely “The Lion” Clark IV



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