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This is my weird little slice of the world and the internet! It is one that is made up of many interesting facets that you may find amusing, appalling, or awesome! 

Who is Seely Clark? Well, I’m just a regular guy from Maine. I’m plain-spoken, and can slip the occasional swear words into my posts so, be warned!

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Fishing, hiking, knife making and collecting, music, money, lifting weights, responsible workout supplement use, personal safety advice, situational awareness tips and tricks, health and wellness from the east and west both, fluffy animals and why I love them...and much much more!

And if you like (or hate) book reviews or (GASP!) movie reviews- then you are in the right place!

I’m a jack of all trades and a master of some...
And I like to share all I read, hear, and know from experience with everyone!

If this sounds like a fun ride to hop onto then feel free to join me below!

Seely Clark at Aroostook State Park

Here are some of my latest adventures and fun!

Life Is TOO SHORT not to enjoy it.

Chilling at Moosehead Lake

Seely Clark and Tabitha Clark at Moosehead Lake

My wife Tabitha and I sitting at the Rockwood Town Landing on Moosehead Lake in the good ol' state of Maine. Funny thing is that Tabitha is a "County Girl" (from Aroostook County) but she'd told me one day she'd never been up north to the other western side via Greenville. So I decided to cure that particular ailment, so off we went!  

Being tortured at Pirate's Cove

Seely Clark and Tabitha Clark at Pirate's Cove

This is another pic of Tabitha and I hamming it up for the camera at Pirate's Cove mini-golf in Bar Harbor. This is quite a tourist attraction during the summer because it's about 10 minutes from downtown Bar Harbor. I think the tourists bring the kids here to wear em out before they hit downtown for the ol' "shop n sip."

Fun with the marketing family

The Family

This is a pic of me at a marketing event in Atlanta Georgia with some of my newly found family that I met there. The best thing about these events is getting to meet new people that are all in their own little part of the marketing world. They can all bring super cool ideas and views to the table that you'd never thought of. Plus they are super cool to party with!

Marketing event in Atlanta, Georgia

seely clark marketing event atlanta georgia

Here you see a picture of me and my long-time brothers-in-arms or you could say "inner circle". They are my mentors, and even more than that, I consider them true family. The man in the middle in the maroon shirt helped me learn everything I know today about marketing and networking. We have spent countless hours on Skype over the years and I truly believe that he knows more about me than anyone else in my family except maybe for my wife! I kid you not!

Mini golf at Pirate's Cove

Seely Clark at Pirate's Cove Mini Golf

My better half took a sneak picture of me coming down the stairs at Pirate's Cove. I'm a big guy, so I was keeping a close eye on those little steps so I didn't go ass-over-teakettle all the way to the bottom! Apparently, when I concentrate (especially with a golf club in my hand) I look like that guy you never want to see at the door to collect your horse racing debts :)

Hiking in Aroostook State Park, Maine

Seely Clark hiking in Aroostook State Park

This is another one of me looking like grampy after his first outing from the house! Which is not far from the truth! I hadn't hiked anything this steep and high in about 30 years!
As you can see from the look of horror on my face, and the amusement on my wife's face - I was mortified! All I could envision was me falling down the hill and end up looking like a hot burrito that someone threw down at the sidewalk!
I prepped for the hike, even brought a walking stick. Boy, I am glad I did! I was surprised at the trip back down my legs shook like a mobster at an IRS convention! 

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The truly important things...

I love having fun, traveling to cool places and hiking at them- both in my home state and other places. And in case you didn't guess by the picture and my blog's title, I LOVE all fluffy animals!!!

I also like projects of all kind and teaching what I learned. It could be food and health, working out, hiking, traveling.

As I rock through this life, you will see it all unfold and can join me through my articles and blog posts for an adventure that will educate you, as well as inspire you to lead YOUR OWN best life and not just watch from the sidelines!

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Life can be an amazing ride, full of adventure & beautiful moments!

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