March 30


Branding 468 x 60 banners with YOUR face!

By seelyclark

March 30, 2017

You have heard the expression "Put your money
where your mouth is!"?

Well, today I will show you how to "Put your face
where your mouth is"

Since your mouth is on your face already

How do you put your face where your mouth is?

By personalizing your banners in the programs

that you REALLY believe in.

That way your face is out there along with what

you are "saying" with your banners

when you advertise that amazing business that

you are so passionate about!!

That is a way of branding yourself so that people

will get used to seeing you around.

It builds credibility, familiarity, and when done
right, trust.

One word of advice, DON'T go putting your face on
every last banner

of every last program you are promoting. People
may not take you as seriously if they see your
face on everything out there.

That can lead to being labeled and internet ho!

What is an "internet ho"?

I'm glad you asked! An internet ho is someone who
will put their face on, and promote anything,
for a quick buck.

Don't be that person...

Go check out this YouTube video where I show you
how to "put your face where your mouth is."

If the video didn't make sense or if you have any
questions, hit me back at
or on Skype at: seelyc4 or look me up on FB.

Until we speak again, remember, Don't Be Afraid, Live Free!

-Seely "The Lion" Clark IV


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