September 20


Well We Have Done It

By seelyclark

September 20, 2016

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Welcome everyone.  Welcome to my blog. My name is Seely Clark. I have been working online since 2010 and have learned many things about what to do, and what NOT to do regarding working online. I believe I can shorten your learning curve, and help you learn the concepts of making money online without wasting thousands of hours of your time and thousands of dollars from your wallet.

We decided to consolidate training we do in emails, on YouTube and on our other blogs in one place to make it easier for our team. Topic that we cover include, but are not limited to- free and low cost traffic using online classified ads, safe lists, viral mailers, traffic exchanges. We cover where and how to advertise, how to make lead capture pages, how to build your email list, how to use your autoresponder, and how to follow up with your subscribers once you have started building your list.

We also cover paid ads. Like using pay to click advertising sites like clixsense, buying solo ads from reputable solo ad vendors and using other huge advertising platforms such as Leased Ad Space that offer the best combination of solos, banners, texts, classifieds, an ad blog, and give you your own personal blog right on the site.

We will show you how to brand yourself and your business, and how to build a web presence online that will serve you well in your online marketing for years to come.

Stay tuned as we add content over the next few days and get this up and running. Please sign up to my blog so that you get email notifications of whenever we create new content and so that you are kept in the loop when new training or valuable articles become available. We are very excited that you’ve joined us here and look forward to working with you.



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