February 22


Find A Good Mentor And Get The Basics Locked Down

By seelyclark

February 22, 2017

I just wanted to write about the
importance of finding great mentors that are the right fit for
you, and for them and the importance of NOT going it alone.
I want to express my gratitude to those that have helped me

(and are still helping me today).

These people have gone above and
beyond to help me with a great many things over the years.

My thanks, respect and gratitude go
out to Richard Weberg, Brenda de Reus, Carol Walczak, just to
name a few… I was a stubborn and contrary fella when I
was just starting out online.

I thought I didn’t need to do
certain things, thought I could short cut certain areas to find
success faster. I am grateful for their patience and support
through my formative years as a marketer.

Thanks so much guys!

Let me tell you, if you think that
short cuts, shiny objects, or the latest and greatest Google hack
or Facebook marketing super tool is the answer and will fast
track your success- forget it! Plan the work and work the

It’s a process. If you do X,
then Y and Z will happen
. It’s fairly simple.

Learn the time tested, proven
concepts that you need to learn from the start, THAT is what will
make your learning curve shorter, and your path to success

I have finally learned to listen to
my mentors and then implement what I was taught by taking massive
action! I have learned so much from them, and want to help others
like they did for me. So, if you need help just reach out and I
will do my best to help you any way I can.

And another thing about me is that
if I don’t know how to help, I won’t BS you, I’ll either go learn
how to do it and pass it on to you, or I will point you in the
direction of someone who does know how to help you.

So here are my top tips about working online:

1) Like I just said-DON’T try to go it alone! I did that when I first came online and it SUCKED!

2) Find someone who is where you want to be, or someone with whom you “click”, or someone who
reaches out and offers help.

3) Then GET OVER YOURSELF, don’t be
stubborn, don’t try to reinvent the wheel! Get into the process
and learn it from the ground up.

If there is something that is a snag
for you, or is slowing you down, reach out and ask questions.
Ask your mentor, Google it, or YouTube it.

My best advice is always to ask your
mentor first. There is NOTHING wrong with
asking for help.

And, providing you have a mentor
that has skills in the area where you are stuck, and is willing
to help, they can cut down on the time you spend “spinning your
wheels” in one spot and help you avoid getting bogged down in all
the tech headaches.

That does not mean that your mentor
should do it all FOR you, or that is what you should expect. It
just means that you should learn, learn, learn as much as you can
on your own, but have them as a fallback when and if things go
sideways and you really need help and are stuck.

A good mentor will help get you back
on track and get you back out there working on the most important
parts of the process rather than just sitting there banging your
head off of your keyboard.

The people who offer help you do so
because they have gone it alone before too and want to give back.
You can get help via Skype, Facebook, forums, blogs,and fellow
members in programs that you are a part of. Those are
just a few examples.

When you are working with your
mentor-try to respect their time-some may have
more to spare than others for a variety of reasons.

My best advice is you can always
write down a list of questions etcand agree to speak with them
once or twice a week in one block of time. Others mentors are
okay with you dropping in anytime (these folks
are rare though) and you could message them at 2 in the morning
and they are fine with it. You’ll have to get a feel for this

I’d just ask them up front so you’ll
know how best to connect with them. Also, ask what time zone they
are in. You could be on EST and they could be in Denmark.
It never hurts to ask so that if they have set consulting hours,
you are not blowing up their skype in the middle of their night
while they are trying to sleep. A rested mentor is a happy

I encourage all those that are new
online, or have finally had enough of going it alone to exercise
their “due diligence” and learn more about someone that they have
met online…

You can always ask around to those
others in your niche to see if your potential mentor is going in
a similar
direction that you want to go and are someone that you can

There are no guarantees that the
feedback you get will be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing
but the truth, but it never hurts to ask around.

Oh, and if you Google someone, take
the results and mix it with equal parts
common sense, and gut instinct.

Because online, no matter who you
search about there is always someone online who will be pissed
at, not like, have
personally clashed with, or have had a falling out with the
person you are searching and reading about.

They will not be shy about
expressing their opinions on why they think so-and-so is a S.O.B.
You can’t have
this many people working online without some friction and throw
That’s just life. At the end of the day information is good, but
you have to trust your instincts- trust your gut- and go forward
from there.

This next tip is short and simple-
Build your list, Build

Don’t have a clue how what email
marketing is or how to build your email list?

Then go learn by watching this

Building your email list
is the single most important thing you can do

to help yourself succeed online!

Once someone on your email list you
can reach out to them for as long as they are on your list to
help, guidance, and tell them about training, places to market,
and programsthat will help them.


DO NOT abuse or spam your list! This
is one of the things Richard has pounded into my head. And he has
NEVER steered me wrong.

The next thing in the process of
marketing online is to earn how to drive massive amounts of
traffic to your offers. You need a lot more traffic than you
think you do. Don’t worry, the program I mentioned above can help
you with this, and so can I.

Don’t know where to start with
getting massive traffic? Go HERE. This is my number ONE favorite
traffic getting resource.

SIDEBAR: One more thing to keep in
mind: Don’t be afraid to tell your mentor what you are working on
and about any upcoming projects or promotions.

Common sense dictates that you
shouldn’t constantly hound your mentor to join every thing you
are involved with BUT don’t be afraid to tell your mentor what
you are working on either. It gives them a better idea of where
you are at, what you need help with.

It also gives your mentor an
opportunity to save you from yourself and say “For the love of
God, DO NOT join program xyz, and heres why…”.

I have avoided a few instances of
disaster thanks to my mentors.

So, keep communicating. They should
be able to give you the “why” not to join xyz and have non-biased
proof to back up why they say what they say. Hopefully your
mentor will advise you based on facts, not just his or her
personal opinion or biases.

If you do find something that is
really amazing that you want to share with your mentor because it
is in their niche or area of interest- just ask them if they have
heard of it. Just mention it. If done properly, it’s a show of
respect and consideration from you to them.

Never assume that they have already
heard about it, do not assume that they have already joined up
with someone else. Just mention it ONCE ONLY.
If they are interested they will ask further questions or express

If you don’t mention it to them,
they may hear about it from someone else and be disappointed that
you didn’t think to come to them with it first. After all,
respect, information, learning, and sharing cool ways to succeed
sould be a two way street.

So that’s it for now- a quick
overview on why you should have a mentor or mentors….

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Until we speak again my

Don’t Be Afraid, Live Free!


About the author

I live in Bangor, Maine and I worked full-time as an RN at a local hospital. In 2010 I started working online Part-time after my mother was disabled by a heart attack. I wanted to build extra income to help with her health care.

What started as a way to make extra income has grown into a passion!
Over the years I have learned a great deal about marketing on the Internet.

I have learned many things that don’t work and much that DOES work.

One thing I have learned is that for me to succeed, I have to help others succeed.

So now my focus is on teaching others what I have learned works so that they can avoid the money-wasting struggles I went through and finally start making money on the Internet.

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