April 22


A lizard, a mouse, and a monkey walk into a bar…

By seelyclark

April 22, 2018

Hey gang! It was a GREAT week this week at Commissions Expo 2018! Keep an eye out here for more content and golden nuggets from that event. Those are coming up over this next week for ya.

Today I Just did a quick video for ya because there is something for you to thinking about!

Did you know that you have three brains?

I know what you’re thinking, I must have shit for brains if I think that…. Well bear with me here…

There are three distinct parts of the brain that drive you (and all of us) to do what we do and react how we react.

They are the Lizard brain. the mammal brain, and the monkey brain. they are responsible for our actions, how we socialize, survive, and even for our inaction…

The lizard brain is the oldest part of our brains that developed long ago and is responsible for the fight or flight and survival instincts that kept us safe and alive in case of a predator that wants to eat us or rival human band that was roaming around and wanted to beat us…

Most of the time you aren’t really aware of your Lizard brain, It’s kinda on auto pilot until or unless it’s needed and there is an actual, or perceived threat then (unless you are completely deconditioned socially and ignore it’s warnings) it kicks in without any conscious thought and gets the job done. hopefully ensuring your survival.

You ever been around someone who seems nice and pleasant but there are warning bells going off in your head that something isn’t right? Ever get creeped out in a deserted area or an empty parking garage? Yep, that’s your buddy the lizard brain riding shotgun and peeking out to see if he needs to take the wheel for a minute.

Problem with the lizard brain is that it also kicks in with the thought of or visual intake of a perceived (but not always rea, tangible) threat. Such as the fear of new things such as public speaking, doing videos, or being around people who are further up the food chain in terms of success and income.

This is where the Lizard throws a wrench in your plans and a lot of times you have anxiety or freeze in these circumstances which can hinder your ability to tr new things, get out of your comfort zone, and network with the big wigs in your social/business circles…

The mammal brain WANTS to try new things and be rewarded. Your mammal brain is like a mouse in search of a nice tasty bit of cheese- it wants that reward- the freedom that a big income provides, the accolades that being in the top echelon of your business or field- whatever. So in order to take the steps out of your hidey hole and get the cheese, you have to calm your lizard and convince him that it is only perceived danger and not immediate and physical danger.

So once your Lizard and mouse get that shit hashed out, your monkey brain is free to be social and network and it likes being social and around others that are like minded.

The monkey brain is essentially just that- monkey see, monkey do-

We as humans are social and emotional creatures that like to socialize with one another but are very susceptible to others mood and behavior- ever been having a great day until your friend is in a horrible mood and proceeds to tell you why his life and the world in general sucks?Then you’re in a crap mood for the rest of the day…yeah, that’s the monkey brain at work…

An example of the monkey brain being a good thing is when you are around other like minded people who love what they do, love sharing it with others and pleasantly share their knowledge, experiences, and cautionary tales with you so you can learn and grow and hopefully avoid the pitfalls that they encountered. Having a positive monkey brain experience reinforces the good feelings that happen in your body and mind when around positive people.

This in turn makes you want to learn. grow, network, and generally do more to better yourself to get where they are and to get where you want to be. So in this way you can rewire your brain to see perceived dangers (getting out of your comfort zone) as opportunities and reinforce events as a positive experience when you are feeling the increase in feel good chemicals that you brain produces when around like minded people!

So, keep your lizard in check and calm so that your mouse and monkey can eat, play, and be merry!

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Until we meet again, remember-

Don’t be afraid, live FREE!


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  1. It was Awesome meeting you at COMMeXpo Seely! Great story here and BTW I sit in front of laptop with a mirror to the side so I can see a monkey plugging away at his laptop!

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