November 3


Your job is a VAMPIRE!

By seelyclark

November 3, 2019

I have to break it to you, Your job

is a vampire! 


Even if you love your job, I KNOW and YOU know

That it is sucking the life out of you…


every day- day after day How is that even possible? How do I

know that? It is simple…


There is this precious commodity called TIME. Your job is a time

sucker that can NEVER get enough and is ALWAYS hungry for more

more MORE!


That job, that you are “so lucky” to have, is eating your most

precious commodity. Time.


Time to keep yourself healthy…


Time to be with your family..


Just time to BREATHE once in a while


That’d be nice wouldn’t it?


That’s why, sooner or later,

you will have thoughts of leaving it.


Maybe you have them now. Maybe you’ve had them for a while.


But you are stuck – bills have to be paid, you still need to

eat, and so you stay in that job… and most do for years to



Stop and imagine this-

What would the day where you quit your job for good be



How would it make you feel?


To have your time back?


To have the freedom to choose?


If this is something you think applies to you,

click this link and find out how to end the time

suck WAAAY sooner than you thought possible!


Don’t wait until it is too late. 


When opportunity knocks, you

need to answer.



Seely Clark IV


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