June 28


Safety in numbers and lists? huh?

By seelyclark

June 28, 2018

Hey my friend.
Back again with some more free advertising sources
and advice for you…
Today’s topic is going to be about using something
called safe lists to get free traffic to your offers.
Below is the video teaching you how to use a safe list:
I use both free and paid traffic to build my Now LifeStyle
business. And here’s why I do BOTH…
I use safe lists because they work.
I use paid traffic because it builds my email list and
business much faster than free traffic. That’s a fact.
Having paid traffic running is what AUTOMATES
your business and will free you up to do your “free”
traffic or so you can simple be out living your life…
See, “free” traffic is paid for with your
Meaning, depending on how many types of free traffic you
are using ( traffic exchanges, safe lists, classified ad
and how MANY of each you are using (10, 20, or 30 + of each
kind) it could take you anywhere from 1 to 6 hours per day to
earn and deploy enough “free” traffic to start seeing the kind of
results that you may want.
Free traffic and the results it can bring are not for
you if you are an impatient person by nature. Building
with free traffic- heck building ANY business online is to
be considered a marathon, not a sprint…
Free traffic is NOT for those of you that will try it for a
week, or a month, then
throw your hands up and holler “This Doesn’t work!”
If you’re in Now LifeStyle and are reading this, the BEST low
cost paid traffic for you to invest in is the Social Media Leads
are offered for purchase in your Now LifeStyle back office.
If that interests you, click below to watch the video about them:
Many newbies and veterans alike in NLS are using the Social Media
Leads and are reporting excellent response and engagement
from those leads and good return on investment. It’s a great way
to have your NLS promotion up and running fast and to be getting
hot prospects!
The quick setup time to get started in NLS (it’s 98% done for you)
plus the social media leads is a lethal combo! I see new names on
the NLS leader board and when asked they say a big part of their
rise is due to the social media leads….Chew on that for a minute…
If you are working on a different business other than Now
and are reading this, and want to use another form of Paid
traffic, I
recommend using the traffic source below…
It is a tried and true reputable traffic source
called TrafficForMe here is the link below:
TrafficForMe has served me and many of my fellow
Now LifeStyle members (including MY mentor Richard
Weberg) very well in building our Now LifeStyle email list
and business FAST!
That’s it for now!
Whatever you are building- get out there and TAKE ACTION!
Your friend,
Seely Clark IV
If you have any questions, you can feel free
to contact me at the details below:
phone: +12076599949


About the author

I live in Bangor, Maine and I worked full-time as an RN at a local hospital. In 2010 I started working online Part-time after my mother was disabled by a heart attack. I wanted to build extra income to help with her health care.

What started as a way to make extra income has grown into a passion!
Over the years I have learned a great deal about marketing on the Internet.

I have learned many things that don’t work and much that DOES work.

One thing I have learned is that for me to succeed, I have to help others succeed.

So now my focus is on teaching others what I have learned works so that they can avoid the money-wasting struggles I went through and finally start making money on the Internet.

We Welcome And Appreciate Your Feedback!

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