November 10


People helping people in Pennsylvania!

By seelyclark

November 10, 2017

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One of the best and most rewarding things about being able to travel and live the life of my dreams is all of the amazing people that I meet!

Big thanks and shout out to Dean of Schnecksville Auto.


We had a fuel leak in  our RV that left it disabled and in the parking lot of the Whitehall Mall. Turned out no other garage around here would touch our RV with a ten foot pole. We called 12 garages and NO ONE would help.

Dean was on and off the phone with us for TWO DAYS helping us figure out what was wrong with our rig, and helping us find someone to tow our rig.

Dean personally called tow companies and all that during HIS business hours on OUR behalf to try to get someone to tow us to him. He was even pissed when he heard how much a tow might be.
Since the tow couldn’t even happen, Dean said “f@ck it l” And HE came to US at the Whitehall Mall where our rig was stuck and he fixed it RIGHT THERE ON THE SPOT as well as showing us some other issues with our rig that need watching. So the rig is all road ready thanks to Dean! Thanks Dean! You flippin’ ROCK!

Here is a me, my wife Liz, and Dean.

So if you think that there are no good people left out there, think again!

Liz and I have since made our way from PA to Virginia where we are settling in for the night. It’s chilly out, the sky is crystal clear, and the starts look like you can reach out and touch them. This. IS.The. LIFE!

If you want to live the life of YOUR dreams, you can! It is right here within reach for you! All yo have to do is reach out and take it!

Join our dream Team here and we will show you how!

Questions? Contact me here:

phone: +12076599949
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Until we meet again, remember,

Don’t be afraid, live FREE!



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