October 21


Harness the power of your WHY…

By seelyclark

October 21, 2018

Want you to think about this…

What is the reason you even THOUGHT about
working online?


It can start as one thing and evolve into another as time
goes by.

But whatever it startes out as.. it often becomes more than
just “money”
or “a hot car”….


Your “why” will be what drives you forward…

It’s what keeps you up at night….

Your why will sustain you in times of doubt….

It will inspire you when you put pen to paper….

Or when you step in front of an audience to speak.


If your “why” is powerful enough…

What is your why? Really think about it…

Do you hate your job? Or your boss?

Do you love your job but got burnt out?

Are you making good money but it’s killing you?


Or have you someone special in your life that
deserves the very best
that life has to offer?

Are you tired of missing ballet recitals or ballgames just to
make rent?

There are many reasons that bring many people, from ALL
walks of life to pursue their online dreams.


Whoever or whatever your “why” may be, me and my team
can help you reach your goals and dreams and build the life
you deserve!

This is very real to me, wanting to help others
Because I know what’s at stake… because…

My first “why” was my mother, Valerie…

My mom had a heart attack in 2006 that left her with a pacemaker
/defibrillator in her chest and unable to work.


Don’t get me wrong, mom was tougher than a bag of hammers!
She stayed very active after her heart attack…

She was very socially active going to outings with friends…
She did more in a day than most did in 3.

That’s the only way she new how to do it- bad heart or not.


But, around 2010, It became clear to me that she would,
at some point, need the level of care that even with my
nursing wages, I would not be able to cover without a
better income or additional income.

So that’s why I started online.. My mom

Because she had raised me as a single mom,
worked her ASS off to make ends meet,

Made sure that we had what we needed, and then….

in later years… when I was older….
she always supported me, and backed me up…
no matter what (even if she did not exactly agree with me)


So, yeah, she deserved to be paid back for a lifetime
of sacrifice and dedication. She deserved that, and so much more.

Mom was my first why…


What do you feel when you think of your “why”….?

I want you to examine those feelings…..

Then I want you to have the courage to move forward…

To Step outside your comfort zone….

To have faith, come join us and let us help you build YOUR dream!

And for you to never give up on your online dreams…

Because whoever or whatever your “why” is….
YOU all are WORTH IT!

Have a great day my friend,

Seely Clark IV


About the author

I live in Bangor, Maine and I worked full-time as an RN at a local hospital. In 2010 I started working online Part-time after my mother was disabled by a heart attack. I wanted to build extra income to help with her health care.

What started as a way to make extra income has grown into a passion!
Over the years I have learned a great deal about marketing on the Internet.

I have learned many things that don’t work and much that DOES work.

One thing I have learned is that for me to succeed, I have to help others succeed.

So now my focus is on teaching others what I have learned works so that they can avoid the money-wasting struggles I went through and finally start making money on the Internet.

We Welcome And Appreciate Your Feedback!

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