SSS Video # 7 Traffic Exchanges setup and deployment explained!

Hey gang! Seely Clark here again with video # 7 of the Simple Success Series that will help you succeed with your online marketing.

This how to video shows what to do in order to sign up to a traffic exchange, how to log in, how to copy and paste your website link into the system when you get started, how to surf for credits how to assign the credits that you earn to your sites so that other “surfers” can view your offer.
Traffic exchanges are also called a manual traffic exchange, or a “TE” for short.
The traffic exchange I am showing you is called Tezzers Traffic Power. This traffic exchange was around when I started online in 2010 and was around for a while before that too from what I am told. The owner is a great fella and his site runs like clockwork, delivering real human eyeballs to you offers.
Here are the links for the programs mentioned in the video:
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