Get a behind the scenes look at Now LifeStyle and what it can do for YOU!

The Now Lifestyle company, facility, team, and community is the most professional and

amazing environment I’ve ever seen.

As you’ll see in this video that Jon Weberg and Joel Therien did (great job guys!) it has it’s own hosting and servers…It’s own personal workout facility, and a team of REAL people operating and maintaining the company.

They have successfully run and operated 3+ other companies as well! The depth and breadth

of their experience over the last two decades of doing this have been used to put together

a system and business model that educates and positions people- even newbies- for success,

The Now Lifestyle compensation plan, resources, tools, services, products, and training

is, in my opinion, the BEST in the entire industry! Here is Jon and Joel’s video tour of NLS:

My commitment to Now Lifestyle and it’s integrity is over 1000%. Five minutes or 5 years

from now, this is where I will be, helping people to succeed with this.

It would truly be an amazing experience for you to become a member of our Dream Team!

When you learn from our Dream Team you will be leveraging YEARS AND YEARS of experience to

help shorten your learning curve to success.

Just between Richard Weberg, Jon Weberg, and myself, we have a combined total of 30 YEARS

of internet marketing experience!

That’s not counting the REST of our team, from all walks of life who also bring years and

years of experience to the table and into the group and who will freely share their


Let’s help you become the leader and person you are destined to become! I know you can

do it! (You have us for help after all)

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We’re so excited to have you join our team!

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Remember my friend, until we speak again,

Don’t be afraid, Live FREE!

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