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I’m just a regular guy from Maine. I’m plain spoken, and can slip the occasional expletive into my posts so, be warned!

I’m no guru millionaire that will show you a one click wonder fix.
99% of the time, those just don’t exist.

That’s why they call it WORKING online.

It all started for me in 2010.

You see, I was at that time I was working full time as a nurse.
I’ve been a nurse for 14 years so far.

Problem is that, my mom had a heart attack in 2006 that left her disabled and even though she was doing fairly well at that point I soon realized that even with my pay from being a nurse, I wasn’t going to be able to foot the bill for the care that she would need in the future.

The numbers just didn’t work.

So by 2010, it was evident to me that mom would be needing my help sooner rather than later so off I went to look at how I could make more money.

The idea of working online never even occurred to me (even though it was right there in front of my face!).

The idea kind of came at me sideways from somewhere I would have never expected. Goodwill. You know, the thrift shop chain.

You see I’m a thrifty (cheap) S.O.B. and while I was at my local Goodwill thrift store cruising the bargain books section, I picked up a 2 dollar book that caught my eye. It was called “Get Rich Click” by Mark Ostrofsky.

It looked a little “out there” mostly because of the title, but I figured, hey, I’ve been looking at every other way to make extra cash so I figured, worst case scenario was that I’d be out two bucks.

So, I shelved my skepticism and read the book. I got to reading and thought…

This says I can make a comfortable side income online to help with mom’s bills?

Cool, I’m good with that. That’s what I needed anyway.

Make enough to help with my bills too? Interesting…

It also says that I could leverage working online to make the same money that I do as a nurse? I thought, Well now, that’s stretching it a bit isn’t it?

They also say I can be financially independent, even wealthy from working online?

Alright! NOW I am calling BULLSHIT!
Oh, wait, you have proof? Okay I’ll keep reading…

Some of the concepts were outdated (hence why it was 2 bucks at Goodwill) but some of the stuff he wrote about was GOOD.
A lot of the CONCEPTS were solid and timeless.

Plus I saw examples in that book that this stuff WORKED (IF-applied correctly). I even researched and vetted it all for myself. The stories were there. The figures were true. People had actually pulled it off!


I went online the same day I finished that book and haven’t looked back since.

Bookmark my blog and stay tuned…

We will be covering what I did wrong, what I did ALMOST right, what I learned from others, and what I finally started doing right and how it’s helped me, and how it can help you too.

For more how to’s, you can also check out my blog at Leased Ad Space or tune in to my YouTube channel here.

Until we meet again,

-Seely Clark IV

Hit me up on Skype if ya need me at: seelyc4

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