November 28


Writing about dinners, dogs, dead folk, and determination…. why you should NEVER quit!

By seelyclark

November 28, 2017

I had an enormous blog post and a really cool email to send to you today….

I love to include great pictures of my travels and adventures to hopefully entertain and inspire my loyal readers.

But that didn’t exactly happen. It is right now I suppose, but it’s not how I planned it.

My computer decided to pick today to tell me to pound sand…. by refusing to download half of the images from Google Drive to my computer. You see, that’s how I take content that I get on my iPhone, like pictures of me and my wife going places and doing neat things…..

I 1) take pictures on my phone, then 2) download them to Google Drive, then 3) get on my computer, and 4) upload them to my blog at so I can use them anywhere I want, in any email or writing I want.

But today all I got mostly was this….. “Failed…Network error”!!!


But I decided to rule the day rather than letting the day rule me….  to take Massive Imperfect Action and put this blog post and traffic sources list together- imperfect as it is- so that it could be out here helping you and we could move forward together…..

On to the coolness….so here are some neat things that have gone on since we spoke last……..

Working out with my friends Joel Therien and his wife Ilona…

Joel is CEO of the company I work with called Now LifeStyle. I had the opportunity to go visit the NLS HQ in Schertz Texas and learn so much from them…great people btw! Stay tuned and subscribe to my blogfr more upcomng fun from my time with these folks!

Now LifeStyle is what I am doing this full time while me and my wife Liz live the life of our dreams traveling all around the USA….

Here is a beautiful pic from when we went on the San Antonio River Walk…. beautiful scenery, full of vibrant colors, amazing people from all walks of life, and from all over the world…

and even some pics of randomness such as this….

After our adventures in Schertz Texas with Joel and Ilona, my  wife and I went and visited with my friend of 30+ years named Travor …. we grew up next door to each other since we were in 4th grade-He lives in Texas as well… he invited us to Thanksgiving and offered for us to park our RV in the back parking lot where it is quiet and so we can be close to his place for the holiday…..

And while we were parked there we came across this adorable dog who was lost, had no collar, and no one in the complex knew who she belonged to….

The manager said to take her to the pound or an animal shelter because that is where people check first when they lose their dog…..

It was the weekend when we found this little munchkin and I wasn’t about to drop her off at the local shelter- because I am a big fluffy and I didn’t know if the shelters in Texas were “no kill” shelters or not.,,,,

How can you not just LOVE that FACE!!!! 

So we piled in the car, went to Walmart and got her food and water, and my wife picked out a (pink!) harness and a leash so that she would be safe to walk with us in a highly populated fast car area. We wanted to let her walk and go pee but would’ve been devastated if she took off, never to be seen again, or got hit whilst running unattended.

So we went BACK to the apartment complex and took her out in her little harness and leash….

A bit later we saw a kid- one of the ones that wasn’t there earlier in the day, and asked if he knew whose dog she was….

He said “Yeah, I do, she lives right there…” pointing 4 doors down from WHERE WE WERE PARKED.

So, we knocked on the door and a very relived looking man answered the door and burst out in a grin when he saw the RIDICULOUS harness us “Yankees” had gotten his dog to wear!!!!LOL!!!

This is the dog’s owner Julian, and the dogs name turned out to be “Rosie”….

Turns out he and my friend Travor know each other because Julian used to be the maintenance man at the complex…. Small world!

After all that. we got some rest and then the next day, Me, my wife, Travor, and his mom Sharon- who was visiting from Alaska- all went to the grave site of Olive Ann Oatman Fairchild

Who is the real life woman that the character “Eva” in AMC’s “Hell On Wheels” is based upon…..

(Thanks to AMC and IMdB for the pics btw!)

Olive Oatman Fairchild was tougher than most men of her time and I am SURE that she was tougher than most of us that are walking around this earth now.

It was a cool last couple of weeks….And I wanted to share it with you!

Why? Because ANYTHING is possible when you believe in yourself and NEVER QUIT! Look at what Olive Fairchild went through!!! Go, back, and read that plaque that’s in the pic…. don’t worry, I’ll wait…..

She survived being kidnapped, having her family slaughtered, being sold as a slave…and KEPT GOING… and guess what? She ended up settling down finally after all that and married one of the biggest bankers in the area – living out the rest of her days living the life of HER dreams- not because she married the banker- but because she settled down and was finally in peaceful times with people she WANTED to be with!!!

And it was just by random chance that Travor mentioned this to me and we went and saw it!

Because of my choice to work Now LifeStyle full time- and thusly do the trip and my wife and I were (just randomly?) there to get Rosie the dog home to Julian….just in the knick of time before his daughter would’ve been home- and freaked because her dog was gone…..

all of these seemingly random “good” and “cool things are falling into place now….why? It’snot magic, or chance- It’s because I NEVER QUIT and had the courage to go live life on MY terms!

I am not saying all this to brag….

and I hope this makes sense to you…..I am saying it so that you realize that YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

Whatever you want from this life is there for you…just reach out and take it! Whatever you put your mind, heart, blood sweat and tears into, you CAN achieve if YOUR “WHY” is BIG enough! Learn, grow, make mistakes…just move forward!!!

Moving forward is like this- my blog post here doesn’t have half the content it should, but it’s going out anyway….

I don’t have all the traffic sources that I wanted to give to you ready because of tech issues, but I have SOME- and they are going out to you tonight anyway…here they are,- online classified ad websites that I use… listed in no particular order…. I did not hyperlink these ON PURPOSE… I am not pimping classified ad sites using my affiliate links to them, I am showing you these as places to advertise… so to sign up, just copy the text and paste it into your browser window, then go sign up to each….

If you don’t know how to copy and paste, check out how here:

Here are the classified sites-   1 ad every 2 days for free members     has a list of other sites on the home page a classified site- but handy – once every 10 days- sorry

And here is a video on how for YOU to use these classified sites!!!

Massive imperfect action and never quitting are THE key above ALL else….

So, I hope you have enjoyed the story…

And I hope you take the traffic sources I gave to you and put them to good use in whatever you do….

If you don’t have a business to promote, or you are frustrated and want something different, by all means come check us out at NLS by clicking HERE to join our Dream Team….

Whatever you choose to do online- Just remember to always be building your email list and be sure to OVER DELIVER VALUE to the people who trusted you enough to join your list….

Questions? Already on my list and want to talk more? Contact me here:

phone: +12076599949
Until we see each other again my friend, remember-
Don’t be afraid, Live FREE!






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