SSS Video # 12 How to use Leased Ad Space’s Ad Board function to get YOU traffic and success!

Hey gang! Seely Clark here with video # 12 of the Simple Success Series that will show you how to use the Ad Board function at Leased Ad Space to get great traffic from the site itself AND as a bonus- great long term residual traffic from the search engines that crawl Leased Ad Space.

You see, when you, or anyone else creates a new piece of content on Leased Ad Space, it makes it into a new page or adds fresh content to a current page. This plus whatever keywords may be in these posts that Google etc like = BIG long term traffic for you! 
Because search engines LOVE it when the keywords in your post rank high, then your content shows up in the top ranks in the search engines and BAM! People read YOUR stuff and some take action! That equals sign ups, conversions, and sales…
It’s that simple. Now go , sign up to Leased Ad Space, and post those ads! 
Please stick around to see more videos about the various functionalities and benefits that Leased Ad Space offers you. 
I will be covering these feature by feature, one video at a time, because this site is so big and has so many features that it would take an hour long video to show you all of them end to end…
Here are the links for the programs mentioned in this video:
Your Eight Steps:
Referral Frenzy:
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