SSS Video # 11- The RIGHT WAY to post Facebook Ads to groups!

Hey gang! Seely Clark here again with another how to video for you. This Simple Success Series video # 11 will cover how to post to Facebook Groups the RIGHT WAY- so you get your ads seen but so you also don’t get the dreaded Facebook SLAP!

First off, when you look at the groups , you type in the Facebook search bar terms like  “advertise for free” or “advertise your business for free”, ” post your biz opp free” type groups. This will populate your screen with relevant groups and from there you can request to join them.
Always try to look at the group and see if it is large and / or growing- say 10,000 members plus. You can choose the bigger groups first as this will expose each of your posts to more people in the bigger groups… why post to a group of 1000 first when you can post to one that has 10,000.
That being said though, even though you join and post to the larger ones first, the smaller ones should not be neglected so long as they are active and growing. Because you never know where your next opt in, sign up, or sale will come from- any real human eyes in front of your ads is a good thing!
How do you tell how active they are? Scroll down the ads where others have posted and look at the dates- if there are posts from earlier in the day and days before and they are frequent, then that group is active, if they haven’t had any posts for weeks or months, they aren’t so active and that group can go on the back burner.
My tried and true practice- and this is advice from others who have come before me- ask to join a maximum of 10 groups per hour- wait a couple of hours- then request to join more- again max of 10 requests per hour. Then when you do get accepted and post ads- remember you can only post to a max- and this is hearsay advice remember- a max of 30 per hour to RELEVANT GROUPS THAT ALLOW POSTING YOUR ADS.
I am admittedly on the conservative side of posting FB ads-
because I didn’t know what I was doing when I first started posting ads to FB-
and got myself Facebook slapped about a year or two ago – 7 days no posting to any of my groups– even unrelated ones- all groups and it sucked….So don’t do that.
That being said, I have people in my team at Now LifeStyle who are BRAND SPANKING NEW that are posting to around 100 Facebook groups (that allow it) per day and are already getting leads, sign ups , and sales. ANd that’s ALL they have been doing and are having great results!
So Facebook groups, when used right, are an amazing asset to your marketing arsenal.
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