May 22


Organizing Your Facebook Groups That You Post Ads In

By seelyclark

May 22, 2017

I know that a lot of marketers online use social media groups , such s Facebook groups to market their business opportunities in.

These groups are created and maintained for exactly this purpose and do allow this. Which, if used properly is a great marketing strategy for anyone.

IF they do it properly.

On this video I cover how to keep these groups organized if you are posting to them manually and want to be sure that you don’t accidentally post to the same group twice in a day if allow only once per day.

I also include some advice about the finer nuances of Facebook posting so that you don’t get thrown in Facebook jail!



Questions? contact me at 207-659-9949 or on skype at: seelyc4 and I would be happy to help! Until e meet again,
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