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Here is summary of Now Lifestyle.

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Now LifeStyle is in the Health and Fitness niche, which is a HUGE niche both on and offline.

They offer the best of old school MLM (consumable products) and the best of “new
school” online marketing to help you reach people you never would have been able
to before.

They are a real company, backed by an owner Joel Therien that has 18 years in the business

that really knows his shit!

It’s a real brick and mortar company that has it’s own office, and employees, and

dedicated servers, not just someone sitting behind a desk playing at online business.

So if, God forbid, Joel breaks his leg parasailing in Hawaii and is laid up for 6 months
the business still chugs along and everything stays up and running.

THAT is the security and advantage to being a member of a REAL physical company rather
than just being a member of a business that is just based on a script owned by just one
guy sitting behind a desk.

If the script has a glitch, or the server isn’t backed up and crashes, you’re screwed.
If the guy just says eff it, I am done and closes up shop- you’re screwed. So this real
world based business takes that possibility out of the equation.

They offer both physical products- consumables that everyone shops for and uses to

improve their health. Whey protein, fiber etc,,,They also offer digitally delivered instant

workouts and meal plans. This plus a done for you auto responder make this a super easy,

low tech headache business that anyone can be up and running with in no time flat.


We will give you real help to get you successful..We will even place paying members in your

Seely Clark IV

Skype me at :seelyc4

Watch the first 8 minutes  and that should tell you

most of what you need to know about our products, how you can make money with us, and

what the startup costs are. Here it is:

A Video from Joel about THE PLAN.

To join us in Now LifeStyle click HERE

Commission Payout Part 1

Commission Payout Part 2


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