NLS how to Video #2

Hey gang! This is Video #2 on how to get started and find your done for you lead capture pages in your Now LifeStyle back office.

These marketing tools are provided for you as a reseller.

If you are a free member still, this video will not apply to you and I can not help you as the content would be irrelevant because you are not a reseller yet. If you have not done so, log in to your Now LifeStyle back office, and pick which package you want- at the minimum you will need to pay the yearly fee to become a reseller so that you can get started promoting YOUR Now LifeStyle business using what I show you here.

You can view this video #2 on this page, but, because this gets so much traffic from everywhere around the world, I may not know where or how you came across this video, so if you came across this video BUT you want to start the video series from the beginning, and haven’t / can’t find the first video, then you may go to video #1 here for distraction free viewing:

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that you save the above link to video #1 somewhere safe, because all these videos are chained together in order once you go to video #1. You will see a blue button at the bottom of each video there that will send you to the next video in the series once you click it.

Here is the NLS how to video #2 below. Enjoy!

If you have any questions you may reach me here:
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Until we speak again my friend, remember,

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