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How to signup to a safelist

By seelyclark

January 13, 2024

Hello, my friend. Welcome to my blog! Today, I’ll be showing you how to sign up for a safe list. The process is very simple, and once you get the hang of it, you can sign up for, and organize many safe lists in your Gmail account to have available to you in your advertising arsenal.

Most safelists, like this one on the LFVM platform script (which is a fancy way of saying “login frequency viral mailer”) have a common theme. They have their graphics at the top and the title of their mailer. Then, there will be a solid bar somewhere near the middle, like the one shown below. It’s in the middle but a little toward the top.

That’s where you can click the button to sign up, like this one right below here. If you hover over it, it’ll turn a different color for a moment, and you’ll know you hit the right button to sign up. I have included a pic below to illustrate where the button is.

The home page of Explosive Mailer is where you begin the signup process.
The home page of Explosive Mailer is where you begin the signup process

Most safe lists like this one offer promo codes for free text and banner advertising, as well as free mailing credits, as a “thank you” for joining them. So, that’s pretty cool. Usually, these details can be seen below the solid bar if you scroll down the page. So, let’s scroll down this page. Oh yeah, okay, there we go. They have a promo code here for mailing credits, banners, text ads, and something called “porky points” on this one.

Explosive mailer offers free banner ads, text ads, and free mailing points just for signing up.

Now, when you are signing up for your safe list, you want to use a Gmail address that you created for the express purpose of receiving emails and communications from the safe list that you’re signing up for.

You do not, I repeat, you absolutely do not want to use your everyday Gmail for safe lists, as it will cause massive clutter in your inbox over time.

So, let’s move on with the signup process. It says here, “Gmail addresses only.” That’s very important. If you don’t have a Gmail account, I suggest you get one. Because you need a Gmail to sign up with or it is a no-go for most safelists and viral mailers if you have any other type of email account. So Gmail is king for safelists…

The Explosive Mailer signup page shown here for your reference.
The Explosive Mailer signup page is shown here for your reference.

What you’re going to be doing here is entering your first name, your last name, and that Gmail email address I told you about that you should have already picked specifically for using with safelists.

Once you enter that Gmail once in the form, you’re going to have to confirm it directly below again.

Some of the safe lists and viral mailer signups do require you to confirm your email address, but some don’t.

Next, you can put your mailing address if you’d like. I usually choose not to, but that’s entirely up to you.

Create your username, create your password, and then copy and paste your password directly below again in the form to confirm your password. (Please refer to the picture further up this page for reference.)

They’ll be asking which part of the world you live in. Click the part of the world that you live in, and they’re going to ask for your birthday month and day. ()Not all of the safe lists ask for this much information, just so you know.)

You will have to type in a security code in the box below the listed security code. Some have this feature, some don’t. But for this example, we’re getting a really good view of one that has its act together and has some security, to make sure people don’t sign up with multiple accounts and cheat. So, that’s super cool too. Once you write in the security code, and then you can click the check box to agree to the terms and conditions.

Be sure to double-check your name, email address, and your mailing address if you put it in there (that’s up to you), username, password, where you live, and your birthday. Make sure that’s all correct. Make sure the security code is right. Make sure you check the button where you agree to the terms.

If you’re curious about what the terms are, you can hover over it, right-click, and open a link in a new tab so you do not disturb your sign-up process. But I would suggest if you want to read the terms, you can read them after. They’re very universal. They just say, “Don’t be a bonehead and advertise porn or advertise gambling or advertise hate speech.” That’s the basic terms of most of these safelists.

With this safelist, I did find that I had to enter my mailing address and I had to re-enter the security code. In this case, if this happens to you, don’t freak out, they’ll just pop you right back to the signup page, where they will show in red at the top of the form what additional details you need to complete the form, then you can continue finishing your sign-up.

Explosive Mailer has a place where you can activate your account down the page once you sign up, which is a little bit of a new piece on that script that I was not aware of.  So, you can activate it there, but I’m going to show you the other way. The other way is going to your Gmail account and retrieving the welcome email from there, and clicking the confirmation link in the welcome email.

Remember the Gmail email you just used in the form to sign up with? Go to that Gmail account, and you’re going to be looking for the welcome email.

In this case it says, “Welcome to Explosive Mailer.”  So, then you can come to your email inbox make sure it is the email you used to sign up for the safe list, come back, and read their welcome email. Make sure you keep an eye out. It starts with, “To activate your account, please visit….”


So, that’s how you do it, just in case you missed Explosive Mailer’s welcome page, or the safe list that you signed up for doesn’t have this particular feature.  So, you come back to your email inbox, you get the welcome mail from the safe list, and then you click on the link to activate your account. It will then take you to the website where in the middle or top of the page it will say, “Your address has been verified. Click here to log in.”

So, congratulations! You now know how to sign up for a safe list!

The next thing you’ll want to do is filter the safe list in your Gmail account so that the many emails you’ll be receiving from other members do not clutter up your inbox.

Also, just as a side note, when you filter things in Gmail, they put them in alphabetical order, which is very, very helpful to keep you organized. The reason I’m telling you about Gmail is that you want to filter all your safe lists into your Gmail.

When you get multiple safelists up and running for your advertising, I suggest 50 to 100 safelists per Gmail account. I would suggest you start with 25 to 50. I use safe lists and viral mailers to advertise my Got Backup business, and when I use many of them at once, that helps me get leads in a faster fashion.

IMPORTANT: When using safelists and viral mailers you want to cast a wide net and use multiple ones. But I say 25-50 at first because you can only tolerate so much volume in each Gmail account before they get overly full and you will have to clean them out.

Here is where you can check out the mailer I used in the video and the one I am speaking of in this blog post.

Again congratulations! You now know how to sign up to a safelist. This skill set will apply to most of the rest of the viral mailers and safelists that are out there today. As new scripts come along for the mailers – meaning they look and act differently- I will be sure to include updates on how to sign up for those as well.

Have fun and be safe!

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