December 27


How to quickly set up your Twitter account!

By seelyclark

December 27, 2017

Hey gang! Today I Just did a quick how to video for you that covers how to setup your Twitter account.

Including what kind of email to use and how to confirm your email so that Twitter unlocks your new account and all of it’s functions.  Once your email is confirmed, Twitter gives you full access to your account so that you can do things like make your first tweet, add / change your Twitter profile pic, find interesting tweets and follow people places and things that interest you or that are in whatever niche and areas of interest that you are in.

Please remember that when you do start advertising, always always always use lead capture pages like this one (CLICK HERE FOR AN EXAMPLE) to be building YOUR email list while you are building any business. Lot’s of programs have come and gone, but building a list, networking, and treating people right will last a lifetime!

I also show where to get your link that you will be adding to your social profiles at various advertising sites, or wherever else you have a social profile that needs to be filled out.

Please leave any comments below, I’d love to hear them! If you have any questions, you can feel free to contact me at the details below:

phone: +12076599949
Linked In:

Remember my friend, until we meet again,

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