September 1


How To Organize Your Safelists In Gmail

By seelyclark

September 1, 2023

hello and welcome to my youtube video about how to use safe lists and how to use safe list tools in particular referral frenzy my name's celie clark i've been online since 2010 and i have been using these since then and still use them to this day first thing i'm going to talk about is how many gmail accounts you should have there are popular safe list mailer owners and safeless mailer users that do still stick to the axiom of you are only supposed to have approximately 50 safe lists or viral mailers per gmail account i have found that's confusing you overload multiple gmail accounts at the same time and if you let them go for a long time you forget where you need to read so the best thing i would say in my professional opinion is that you stick to one gmail to use for all of your safe lists now if you already have a couple don't panic a couple's fine but what you should really do is make sure that from this point forward pick one gmail and list it as such like if your name's bob bob bobsafelist create a new gmail account and so when you sign up to any safeway survival mailers you can put that as your account email so what i've done is i've gone in here and i've put a bunch of different mailers in and created filters i'm not going to show you how to do that but what that does is it keeps it out of the inbox as you can see my primary tab is empty so it gives you a count of how many males have come in from which mailer and then what i suggest you do that's one place to keep it organized another place to keep it organized is i use both these in conjunction another place to keep it organized is a safeless tool called referral frenzy now a referral frenzy has been around a long long time it is as with any other tech it is not pitch perfect but it is a very good tool if you're looking to get a quick look at your mailers that are in referral frenzy and see which you can mail when so this allows you to go down you can keep a list of your emails here you'll put them in okay see there's one right there free money peeps that i'm going to be sending out here in a moment matter of fact i'll send that now so it doesn't time me out hang right on so what i did is you have my ads up here you'll write ads which i'll go into in another video and then you're gonna take it here you'll save the message which i've already saved but i'll show you save message there we go and then you're to come here to excuse me god awful dry today send mail 2.0 it'll put them out like this okay you'll have to click one more screen before this but it'll show you where to tick the boxes and then you come down here and what this allows you to do this is not a referral frenzy tutorial what this is is this is one way to stay organized referral frenzy is not a free tool it's a low-cost tool it's a monthly fee unless marty's running a special i don't know if she's running any lifetime or monthly specials at this point but that is how you do it you select your ad from the drop down menu and that is that ad i just showed you click post ad it'll go through its thing and then when it does it shows you that it's passing all the checks so you have some software in it to make sure people don't send strange things and inappropriate mails and i'm gonna let this spin for a second and i'm gonna show you [Music] how many mailers i reached now i believe at the current time there's a little 110 somewhat mailers in here uh the majority of the viral mailers in safe lists are free to join there are some in here that are uh paid only so don't worry about that join your safe list you're the ones you can join free or low cost whatever works for your budget but then get referral frenzy pay the monthly fee which is very minimal and it'll be a good first step to keeping you organized so that you can get your safe lists in one spot red and then send out your mail so right there when i was talking to you i sent to 54 mailers all at once now what i had done is like i said each mailer has different days so what i did is i took mailers that i still had to read out of referral frenzy show you what i meant i was already on the screen meant to show you but live videos you gotta love them this is the screen you will be brought to okay when you're going to mail you do send mail 2.0 wait for this to load you can see it's loading there it's done click select all select all yeah i know i showed you backwards that's kind of what i do sometimes and then it'll show you what mailers you can use when you send your last mail and you can pick out ones like this one right here i only have 60 credits so i would untick that add that to my list so these are all the ones that i need to read credit mails for in referral frenzy and these are the filters i have for those emails so you already have a list in referral frenzy is what i'm saying i already have a list here of all your mailers that's what it's made to do but you also keep a separate list here because there are going to be mailers that are not included in referral frenzy there's a bunch of different mailers and safe lists so you want to keep your own emails from the safe list coming right into your safe list gmail account that you created and then this is just a daily list i'd already sent and this is the other mailers that are within referral frenzy that i am going to read today and mail so that's pretty much it for today folks thanks for watching this video uh please feel free to like comment subscribe share mash that bell icon so that you can get in touch with me and that's the shortest version so in summary make sure you get a gmail account for your safe list only keep every single safe list you have in there so that you can see them all okay so that you don't have any that you forget and also get a tool like referral frenzy if you have another one you like that's great but to keep you organized as a beginner that's it for today folks thanks again i'll talk to you in the next video bye


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