August 31


How To Clean Your Now LifeStyle Lead Capture Campaign List

By seelyclark

August 31, 2017

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Hey Gang! More Knowledge Bombs dropped in this video that details How To Clean Your Now LifeStyle Lead Capture Campaign List….

In this how to video I detail how to clean your lead capture campaign list of blocked and unsubscribed entries.

In case you don’t know what these two terms are, let me outline them for you.

Blocked means that the name and email address entered has been blocked by the Now LifeStyle system due to unusual activity or activity that is deemed potentially harmful to the system.
Unsubscribed means that whomever entered their name and email address simply opted out of receiving your messages. It is always a good idea to maintain “list hygiene” by routinely cleaning out blocked and unsubscribed persons so that they do not take up available slots in your leads list.

Blocked and unsubscribed entries are virtually useless to you as your messages will not reach them.

So that i show you maintain a clean lead capture campaign…

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Until we meet again, remember- Don’t Be Afraid, Live Free!


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