January 13


How to claim your free advertising bonuses in a safelist

By seelyclark

January 13, 2024


Hello, my friend. Today I will be showing you how to claim your free advertising bonuses in a safedlist.

Many safelists and viral mailers offer free banner and text ads, free mailing credits or points as they may call them, all as a thank-you for signing up as a member.

The majority of safelists and viral mailers are free to join and many offer these bonuses. Most are displayed on their offer page that you see to encourage you to sign up and test drive their advertising site.

Other safelists and mailers may highlight these bonuses AFTER you have signed up and logged in. Be sure to pay attention and poke around your member’s area once inside your mailer to be sure you don’t miss these bonuses.

On the home page of Explosive Mailer, it will flat-out tell you what code to use. In this case, the code is “new member”.

What you will want to do to claim your free advertising is to first:

Login to your safelist account.

Look to the left-hand side of your screen on the solid bar that goes across the home page of the safelist. At the second to the far left on that bar, you will see a spot that says “mailer”.

Click on the spot that says “mailer” and this will activate a drop-down menu where you will see the prompt “enter promo code”.

Click on “enter  promo code”

It will take you to a form that looks like this:


Simply enter the promo code provided to you and then click on the “add” button to the right. This will automatically credit your account for the number of banner ads, text ads, and mailer credits /points that they have set aside for you.

The next thing you will need to do is to find where your text and banner ads are located in order to see the credits reflected.

The banner and text ads are located in different spots depending on the safelist. You may need to dig around a bit to find them but usually, with a bit of searching, you can find them fairly quickly.

Usually, banner and text ads are found either on the solid bar where all the functions are located as it is shown here in Explosive Mailer.

This is the banner section of Explosive Mailer so that you know what it looks like.
This is the banner section of Explosive Mailer so that you know what it looks like.

In older safelists / viral mailers, all these functions will be located on the far left side of the site going from top to bottom.

Be sure to claim and use all of your free banner advertising at every safelist that you join. These banners never sleep. they work 24/7/365 to advertise whatever business you promote. I have used banner advertising to promote my GotBackup business and have used these kinds of banners for years with good results.

Well, thanks so much for hanging out here with me here on my blog. Congratulations on now knowing how to claim your free advertising bonuses in a safelist! Be sure to smash those like share and subscribe buttons. Click the bell icon to be notified of new videos and subscribe to my blog here so you do not miss any upcoming content.


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