November 30


How far, is YOUR far, so far?

By seelyclark

November 30, 2019


Do you ever binge watch YouTube videos?

Be honest now, We all do it sometimes…

There’s an  X factor (or American Idol?) audition
video out there that I saw the other day….

One contestant said something that REALLY hit

She said,

I didn’t come this far, ONLY to have come this


That hit me right in the chest…

You see,

she had competed in another season-

-and did not win-

She didn’t throw in the towel and give up though,

Instead, she took the critiques and took massive
action on them

And when she sang for her audition this time…


Powerhouse audition! She nailed it!  

And do you know why?

Because she never gave up on her dream

She honed her skills in her chosen craft


And above all else,

She had an unshakeable faith and belief in
herself and what she was doing.

Now, think of how far you’ve come…

and how far you want to go still…

No matter if you’ve made zero

ten bucks..

Or the big ten K…


Our team can help you go FURTHER!


Join us by clicking here and take action


Because you know

in your heart of hearts


That YOU haven’t come this far ONLY to have come
this far!


If you feel like she did-


If you feel this in your bones,


If this keeps you staring at the ceiling at 2 am


Then take massive action and JOIN NOW HERE


Because we’ve been where you are RIGHT now


Our team leaders are lifers in this..


We won’t quit….or quit on you…


We know what it’s like to be in tears of


We also know how it feels to come out on the
other side- and FINALLY triumphant!


We want you to know that feeling of triumph too!


Now get in here and PROVE how far you can go!


See you soon!

Seely Clark IV


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