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Great Life Worldwide Review And Demo 2024

By seelyclark

February 13, 2024

Hello and welcome to Great Life Worldwide Review and Demo 2024. My name is Seely Clark. I’ll be giving you the demo and tour today.

Now I’m going to get right to it.

Who is Great Life Worldwide and where do they come from?

They were formerly American Dream Nutrition in the United States. They have done business for 10 years. They’re a high-quality company with great people and products behind them that decided to go worldwide. It’s just recently launched and the reason I think this is so powerful is for a couple of reasons- so it going to be twofold-

The first reason is the absolute simplicity. For anyone to promote this system it’s very easy to share with others. It’s very easy to join up for the other people that choose to join. And it’s simple. You do not have to be an expert at marketing or list-building any of that.

All you have to do is know how to copy and paste a link and share it with other people.

The second part of, the most powerful part of, this company would be the compensation plan!

Now there’s a vast variety of stuff on this compensation plan but the only thing I am going to draw your attention to again is that as a $20 monthly Great Life affiliate, you can earn up to $5,300 per month without ever enrolling a single person!

Now how does this happen? Well, they answer that for you and it says right here you earn three and a half% through 12 levels plus you earn 30 cents per product both nutritional and digital through 12 levels.

They go on to prove it here there it is right there and you can see it from level one through level 12 and how many people it would take to get you to that income level and it says right here potential 12 levels life coach matrix Pay Plus 2477 for one product is how they get to that $5,300 plus valuation.

Now what does that mean for you? Yet again, What is in it for you?

Well, what’s going to be in it for you as a new marketer or even as a veteran marketer that has some new marketers with them is that you can take this and you can go out and you can promote it so easily! It is easy because all you have is that one link!

In the meantime, you’re going to say well what’s in it for me as far as products? Where are the products? I’ve heard about the comp plan well where are the products?


What you get when you join, first time join cost is $49. $29 of which goes to the back end and the infrastructure basically. I won’t bore you with the details. The $20 additional that makes up the 49 so 29 goes to infrastructure the $20 a month what does that get you?

It gets you weekly life coach Zoom meetings, a huge library of audio and ebooks. What’s shown here on this blog post, this is my personal back office this is my $20 life coaching package per month.

And what I have here if you go down is great life life coaching “meet the coaches”,. “how to become a positive person”, “success rituals ebook”, “motivating your way to success”, “unlock your potential” and many more!

They have celebrity life coaching in here. They have nutritional products also available but this is just what I received with great life worldwide when I joined this is for the 20 a month and it gets me over 148 digital titles with which to improve myself. And that is what that $20 per month would get you as well.

Now you would have access to all these I believe there are currently 148 digital titles in here so what you can be doing as a new person to promote this kind of thing is just sharing your personal experiences. You can go through the self-improvement sections and while you’re improving yourself and your life and learning more things you need to learn in order to share things with people and enrich your life is you can you can also be going and sharing the opportunity or your results.

So what you have here is a “pressure is off” scenario. And what do I mean by that?

Well, what I mean by that is that folks know when they join they don’t have to be perfect, they don’t have to be a super duper promoter. They get in stay and learn what they need to learn to help improve their selves. And meanwhile let’s say they have a team that has a little more experience, and they get some people that come in and join. And off of each person that comes in from their team’s downline they get three and a half % on the life coach Members Plus 30 cents on each product both nutritional and digital.

So they know that while they’re building their skill set and while they’re sharing their link (and all they really have to do is get two to join that’s it.) Get your two! Concentrate on getting your two!

So you know while they’re new people promoting they’re working within the comfort of this type of thought: “There are other people that are promoting as well and once this thing grows – and as long as I stick with it – this is the potential income to the tune of$ 5,300 plus dollars per month.”

That’s a great feeling for new team members and people that are still learning and it’s also a great feeling for more experienced marketers that have new people in their team along with the veterans and are looking for help.
So that is my opinion on why Great Life Worldwide is such a great company to be with they’re a very very great company they have wonderful products.

There is much more than just the digital products that I showed you. Go to the products they have personal chefs, they have science-based nutritional products, life coaches, personal fitness trainers, Financial education, huge library of in-demand audio ebooks, which I showed you.

You can have a life coach. They have an Elite global global women’s group!

So there’s something for everyone and it can be shared with everyone in a different vein for those interested in those subset of topics! So you don’t have a lack of anything to talk about!

You’re never a one-hit wonder with this business! So no matter what particular Niche people are interested in we have something to offer them and you have a super simple easy way to promote it even if you are very very new.

I’ll show you an example again here like I said. If you are new, don’t worry. If you can copy and paste a link (like the one you see here) then you would share that with people and it would bring them to your website where interested parties would watch the video. They can watch the video first and then enter their details right here and then it will go and take a look at the tour and then make their choice whether or not they’d like to join. It’s that simple.

So thank you for watching this Great Life Worldwide review and demo for 2024. Again my name is Seely Clark I thank you for joining me here today. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out in the comment section I’d be happy to answer them. Don’t for forget to like comment subscribe to my blog here so you don’t miss any new videos and posts. Until we talk again have a great day!


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