July 7


Further Update on Leased Ad Space- comp plan changes!!! Be ready for 7/9!

By seelyclark

July 7, 2018

Today I have a short video done by Richard Weberg for you

where he explains the **NEW comp plan details

that will be going in to effect at Leased Ad Space.

Please watch now: 

All changes will go live Monday the 9th.. 

If you aren’t a member of LAS yet, now is the time to get in and be ready

for Monday the 9th! Click here to join us!

And if you missed the last blog post that leads up to today’s video,

please read this first on my blog by clicking HERE

Have a great day!

Seely Clark IV
If you have any questions, you can feel free 
to contact me at the details below:
phone: +12076599949


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