April 22


Facebook and my personal learning curve

By seelyclark

April 22, 2017

Hey folks. This will be a short post today. I am still new to Facebook marketing. Just wanted to share a cautionary tale for those of you that are new to Facebook advertising and posting. Some of you will know waaay more than me about Facebook and will be laughing your asses off at me for this one!

I am promoting a business called Now LifeStyle, I believe very much in the company and all that it has to offer and will be promoting this for life. So, I make a lot of videos as you may or may not know. I made what I consider to be a decent video about NLS. I was very excited to get the video out there and share it with others. Here is the video…Nothing offensive or tacky or “salesy”


Now, in Facebook, they have groups you can join that allow you to post your MLM or network marketing biz opps for free and without any limits. I have joined a lot of these groups a while back and use them daily. So, off I went with my newly minted video (I was sharing a YouTube video, not a link) and began posting away to these groups. One post per group, group by group, in the groups that allow posting of this type… I posted the video and thought all was well until about my 20th (I am guessing here) post. Then Facebook notified me that I was not allowed to post or join groups again until May 5. So apparently I have got myself thrown in Facebook jail!!! NOT A GOOD THING because I do a lot of my networking and advertising and engaging with people through these channels.

So, I called my mentor and a few other people about this and they all gave me the same advice, which I will pass on to you here:

They said that they only post 4 or 5 times a day to those groups.

One person said they only post 10 times a day, but in 2 different sessions at different ends of the day.

It seems that if you are in 50 of these “post your biz opp here for free” groups and post to too many of these in one sitting, even though posting in the group is allowed that Facebook flags you after a certain number of posts to groups and puts the smack down.

I did send them feedback/ an appeal in the section that they provided with their notification to me about my ban. I explained that this was the first time I had anything like this happen and that I would appreciate it if they would send me a link to the rules of what my limits/ their rules are about posting so I can not have this happen again in the future.

So far, almost 24 hours later, I have received no reply from them. Nor do I expect to. Now I am not slamming Facebook here, they are a great platform to network on and I find it invaluable, I am just saying that, due to the size of FB and the sheer number of people they deal with (and ban) on a daily basis, that it is unlikely that little old me will get a personal response. They are just too big and too busy to worry about my drama.

So, in summary, don’t be like me and get post happy because even if it is allowed in all 50 or more of the groups you are in, they will get ya for posting to too many in one sitting. Be smarter than I was and Google “how to stay out of Facebook Jail” and you may have an easier time than I did. Because 2 weeks is a loooong time to have your networking / marketing be slowed down.

And hey, I have Googled that search term myself now- a little late I know- like closing the barn door after the horse is already out-and am learning how to not have that happen again. But, I am not a proud man, if any of YOU out there reading this have any tips or links for me on how to stay out of trouble with Facebook, I’d be forever grateful if you’d share them with me by commenting here or contacting me with any info you may have.

I hope this helped, or at least gave some of you veterans to FB a good chuckle. And I really do hope to hear from you with more information about how I can avoid shooting myself in the foot again.

Until we meet again,

Don’t Be Afraid, Live FREE!

-Seely “The (caged for now) Lion” Clark IV



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