December 4


A bridge over troubled waters still leads somewhere!

By seelyclark

December 4, 2017

Hey just a quick travel update….

A couple of days ago, my wife and I were headed from Slidell
Louisiana to New Orleans for the day when we went across this
extremely long bridge.

Come to find out it was the I-10 twin span bridge aka the Frank
Davis memorial Bridge…

My wife and I got to talking while driving over it and we
remarked that it must have taken a long time to build that
bridge… so we Googled it and…we didn’t know how right we

The one that we were driving on was actually the SECOND set of
twin spans-

To directly quote

“In August 2005 the Twin Span Bridge across Lake Pontchartrain
sustained serious damage from the storm surge associated with
Hurricane Katrina. The Louisiana Department of Transportation
and Development, and its’ private-sector engineering and
construction consultants, worked around-the-clock to repair the
bridges and restore the vital Interstate 10 transportation link.

Construction of a new $800 million replacement bridge began in
August 2006…

Construction crews opened the approaches on the southshore of
Lake Pontchartain Monday, August 15, 2011.”

So it cost them 800 million dollars, 6 years, and a whole lot of
patience from locals and tourists alike while this was going

It was a long hard wet muddy road for those building it -the
trailblazers- and get the way paved so that others could cover
the ground faster and safer than ever before.

But it was totally worth it!

After all was said and done the new bridges gave everyone
something they needed, wanted- a way to quickly and safely travel
across brackish, sometimes dangerous waters- and something that
people were going to use daily!

Those workers literally paved the way and helped everyone long

That brings me to this point that I would like you to think

Before either sets of bridges were constructed, Imagine the time,
cost, and risks it took to cross that lake by boat, especially
100 years ago before “high speed” boats…

Think of all the planning, preparation, trials and troubles
people would run into before and even after getting on the
ferry…. mechanical troubles, storms, winds, unruly fellow

And if you built or purchased your own boat during those days and
braved the waters on your own, the troubles and cost could
increase exponentially- up to and including swimming with the
local fish, or worse if your boat crapped out or took on water!!!

Well now all the hard work has been done and you can zip right
along comfortably in your car and get from point A to point B
without much issue…

That story caught my interest because it directly relates to what
we have been doing here in Now LifeStyle since it’s inception…

Joel Therien- has been working tirelessly with the input from top
leaders of my team- the Dream Team- and with other team leaders
in NLS on ways to make the whole business more newbie friendly,
simple to use, and cost effective..

We have shortened the trip for YOU to get from point A (starting
out) to point B (seeing success)!

The way it is structured now is a complete business in a box….
which is what “everyone” has been – or says they are- looking

Well here it is, go check out how and why this is the best
business in a box you will ever get!

If you have not created your free account yet, sign up and do
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What started as a way to make extra income has grown into a passion!
Over the years I have learned a great deal about marketing on the Internet.

I have learned many things that don’t work and much that DOES work.

One thing I have learned is that for me to succeed, I have to help others succeed.

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