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As some of you may or may not know, my wife Liz and I are traveling cross country in our RV, living the life of our dreams! We are going wherever the wind takes us and it has been AMAZING so far!! We have met SO MANY great people!

I am documenting it on social media, and here on my blog and she is documenting it on her Facebook Fanpage called “Yeti-Pygmy Coalition”. That title is a little inside joke because I am a large man and she is such a short little lady that we look like a Yeti and a Pygmy when walking side by side. You’ve seen it! Think of all the big tall men and little short women you’ve seen! It’s a real thing! Aaaaanyway…..You can follow our adventures (and mishaps!) on YPC’s Facebook Fanpage by clicking the link HERE

Feel free to drop in and say hello! We would love to hear from you!


So first off…we had one hell of an eventful day back on the 5th of November. We Had a fuel leak in the rig and had to call the FD in Whitehall PA to come contain it.


They said it was the fuel line and got it to stop leaking. All the guys at Whitehall Fire Department should be proud. They are an amazing, efficient, friendly crew!


They were totally awesome and were a great help! A special shout out to Craig Hanzl (the man speaking in the video) who was the first firefighter on the scene (he was 1000 ft away at a store- that’s lucky for us!) he explained everything in great detail and showed us the nearest garages that could work on our rig. To continue to follow us on our journey, please go join and like the Yeti-Pygmy Coalition HERE

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