Getting started using the NLS done for you lead capture system

Hey gang! I did a video today that is a simpler version of how to get in and begin using Now Lifestyle’s lead capture system to start building YOUR team in Now LifeStyle.

I show how to navigate to the done for you lead capture pages that Joel and his team have nested in the back office that are ready to go immediately once you become a reseller.

The lead capture system functions much like the auto responder in NLS but it is SEPARATE from it.

The Lead Capture System is to build your NLS LEADS list, start building your team in Now LifeStyle and allows you to follow up with your Now LifeStyle leads so that you can stay in contact with them and encourage them to join, upgrade, ask questions etc.

The auto responder is separate and may be used to build your email list for ANY business you choose to.  I had to say that as a shout out because people I have been hearing from get confused and mix up the auto responder with the lead capture system and it’s function vs. the auto responder in NLS and it’s function. Two similar-but different, and separate animals.

Anyway, enough of me running my pie hole…check out the video below- enjoy!

I spoke about two sources for free traffic in the video- they are PageRankCafe and MilionLeadsForFree.

The Links for these are below:
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me here:

Until we see one another again, remember-

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